About Us

Having founded London On The Inside in 2010, Jules and Ben have created London's biggest independent lifestyle publication highlighting the best discoveries and experiences in the city. LOTI has esteemed credibility throughout the hospitality industry, leading media agencies and the half a million followers they engage with. 

Jules spent a year living in New York in 2019 and spotted guides that informed about specific interests within food and drink; pizza, burgers, craft beer, you get the picture. They were fun, illustrative, hipster, a keepsake and unlike any of the print literature seen in London, i.e a pocket guide to the city.

The idea was then born to create our own illustrative fun, keepsake printed guides as a premium physical product using the knowledge and insight through food and drinks that will be aimed at foodies, Londoners, hipsters and anyone else who would be interested in purchasing our collection of releases.